Latest State of the Art Equipment available to perform all types of scans and produces high quality images, videos and reports delivered directly to your hand held Smartphone or iPad via Tricefy which offers a safe, secure i Cloud up link network, which is also GDPR compliant. 

Product / Service Categories

3D/4D/HD Live

At Present we offer a free 4D live sneak peek view when you attend for a gender reveal scan from 16 - 24 weeks.

If you wish to go ahead and purchase a 3D/4D scan package between 24-34 weeks then we can offer you a special deal with growth and well being scan at £49 instead of £89, so you save £40!

Harmony Prenatal Test (NIPT) offered from 10 weeks on wards @£399.0 with a dating scan included in the price with 3/4 b/w hard copy pictures provided and digital images as well as report sent to your hand held Smartphone or iPad.