UDC is a clean, friendly, accommodating private unique and bespoke ultrasound clinic located in Hendon/Colindale which is easily accessible through various transport links and onsite parking facilities are available free of charge. We are able to provide you with the same day affordable private scan appointments, individually tailor made, to suit your requirements complimentary to the NHS service however, without having to wait for the long NHS waiting lists.

Our Aim is to provide the best quality of examination service mainly for diagnostic and screening purpose at the same time as keeping our machine power output levels as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) principles in line with the BMUS/FASP/NICE/RCOG/ScOR,safety guidelines. Having the latest State of the Art Equipment gives us this advantage as it produces a high definition images in 2D/3D/4D for keepsake, with your images and report delivered directly to your hand held Smartphone/iPad* or transfer it to your GP.

Why choose us for a private ultrasound scan?

At UDC we offer various types of diagnostic ultrasound scans at very affordable prices and same day appointments for evenings and weekends, out of hours services to suit your convenience. Our prices are competitive and start from as low as £39.

We cater for anyone who wants to self-refer and requires an early pregnancy scan, reassurance scan, dating scan,  viability scan, nuchal scan as well as to exclude ectopic pregnancy and other first trimester abnormalities from 6-15+6 weeks. We are able to offer scans from as early as 5 weeks however we may have to perform them trans-vaginally, rather then trans-abdominal

Detailed anomaly scans offered between 18-20+6 weeks, however should be completed by 23 weeks in line with FASP guidelines and growth scans between 24-40 weeks will be offered during the pregnancy in order to monitor the baby's growth and well being which is the main purpose of our clinic. We have follow up pathways and links with local primary care trusts, Obstetrics, Gynecology and General Consultants and Doctors, in place for those clients/patients who need further referrals according to their scan outcomes.

For the general population we can offer general well-being scans for women, men and children alike. This will include Upper Abdomen, Renal (KUB), Pelvis, Paediatric, Gynae, Aorta surveillance scan and Small parts, Soft tissue, Hernia, lumps, bumps, Breast, Carotids, DVT, Thyroid and MSK scans with our affordable combination packages.

We are now able to offer most MSK, scans by our experienced, professionally trained and accredited sonographers/Drs alike.

All our sonographers are, qualified with wide range of experience and registered with the various regulating bodies; HCPC/ScOR/BMUS. We are under the umbrella of Chartwell Private Hospital and hence regulated by their CQC

Our Story

Since the start of my training I knew that one day, I would like to work independently for myself in my own clinic and provide everything under one roof which was both unique and bespoke for the general public, and at an affordable price with the best quality of care which offers optimum standards of uniquely tailor made service to all my patients/clients alike.

Meet the Team

At Present there is only myself  (Anar Lakha) who is a permanent member of staff performing most of the obstetrics, gynae, abdomen, pelvis, paeds and aorta screening scans, however I have a team of specialized staff who work adhoc as and when there is a need for the specialized scans like, Lumps, Bumps, Small Parts, Soft Tissue, Hernia, Thyroid, Breast, Carotids, DVT and MSK and certain specialised Paediatric scans too.