Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds, however if we are unable to provide you with the service that you require we will not charge you or accept your request. due to our limited resources or unavailability of appointments.

In the case of a 2D/3D/4D scan images/video quality can sometimes vary or be of  sub optimal value due to high BMI of the mother/patient, under filled bladder, and position of the baby. For example if the baby is facing towards the spine then you may only be able to view the back of baby's head or rear view, or if the baby is pushing in to your placenta or the wall of the womb then your pictures may be compromised. In the event of an umbilical cord floating or arms/legs being in front of the baby's face, the image can be less clear. We will try our best to persevere and do the scan after allowing the baby to change position or move in a suitable position within the time limit available, however if all the above available attempts fail, then a rescan with a lesser charge of £40 will be offered and an appointment can be made directly then and there or depending on the availability of appointments and resources. Rescan has to be completed within a week of the previous scan and no later than 7 days from the last appointment.

Free rescan will only be provided if all the above prep has been followed, yet the image quality is not good for some unknown reason, then it will be offered on the same day depending on the availability of appointments and resources or may be performed at a later time if resources are not available for the same day service. However should be availed and completed within 7 days from the previous appointment and no later than that. (Excluding Bank Holidays and Weekends) At present due to Covid 19 limited rescans will be provided they are at a discretion of the Sonographer performing the scan.*

Similarly in the case of gender determination scan, although most scans are pretty accurate to the nearest 99% however in the event of the baby's genital area not showing clearly due to the position of the baby, or the cord presenting between the baby's legs, or closed lower limbs, then it can give a sub optimal or compromised view and therefore you can have the option of having a same day appointment if resources are available or returning on another day for a reduced charge of £25. For this scan you do not necessarily need a full bladder, however having a full bladder provides a better view into the womb to obtain an optimum image of the baby's genitals. Please be aware that the gender determination scan will be performed in 2D scan.

What if you don't want to know the sex of the baby?

Please make the sonographer be aware of this prior to the any of the obstetric scan packages. However if you change your mind during the scan then please make the sonographer  aware of your decision and the gender scan will then be performed in 2D scan mode to reveal the gender of your baby.

Cancellation of services by you:-

You can always cancel the service 48 hours prior to your scan, however if during the time of the scan if you are not happy with anything or any product then we can always offer you another scan or service product with minimum fees charged.

Cancellation of service/scan by us:-

If we decide to cancel your scan we will try and aim to give you a replacement scan as soon as we possibly can, provided we have the resources. However in the event of limited resources on our part which does not fit with your schedule then we will refund you with the full deposit taken from you and offer you another convenient appointment time to suit your schedule.

Of course in the event of you not paying us for the services that you book in advance and the information requested by us is not provided by you prior to the scan then we reserve the right to suspend or even cancel the service prior to the scan and recover our loss which we have incurred as a result.